Unearth - Geb Mining station

Officially known as 'unexamined body N00-F7', Geb is a tiny world in the early throes of creation. The result of a planetary collision scant millions of years ago, Geb is roiling mass of constant earthquakes, poisonous atmosphere and shifting plates, not habitable for the next few million years or so. The conditions are, however, ideal for the refinement of a volatile isotope rumored to revolutionize interstellar travel. So a few enterprising mining corps have developed heavily shielded drilling rigs capable of remaining intact in the violent hellscape of Geb.

Leon tukker mining complex1 as

Mining animation test - Leon Tukker

Leon tukker displacement noise

Landscape test

Leon tukker displacement noise1

Landscaoe test2

Leon tukker mining test render2