Unearth - The Cassiopeia Garden

It sounded like a fairy tale at first - an errant space rock on an interminable elliptical orbit through the horse-head nebula, covered in an unheard-of wealth of vacuum-resistant flora. Known as the Cassiopeia Garden, it is especially difficult to track, as its orbit takes it through the thickest of the nebula, which may well contribute to the unique properties of its airless ecosystem. It is the source of a hundred superstitions, and the only reason it hasn't been stripped yet is because most spaceships perish while searching for it.

Written by Ernst-Jan van Melle

Project is slowly taking shape! lots of fun :)

Leon tukker garden 1 as

Final image

Leon tukker garden 3d2
Leon tukker gardenplanetl
Leon tukker garden test