Intergalactic Pirate Radio

On the planet Sa'a-1 cool music is absolutely forbidden. Music like: Avantgarde-Punk - RoughJazz - Singularity Blackmetal - and Vargonian aggressive transcendant brutal blues are most definitely not allowed to be played on the planet's mainstream radio.

Luckily there are a brave bunch who sailed out to international skies with their retrofitted trade-barges and cargoships to throw some good vibes and nice sounds on the ether. Of course they are quite relentlessly chased by authorities but due to the pacifistic nature of the Sa'a-1 people, authorities are not allowed to use force to chase the pirates away and stop them from broadcasting.
As a last resort the government decided to do one final thing. They decided to ask them, very, very nicely.

Which of course resulted in a fit of laughter from the pirates and another nice song from a band with a name quite impossible to pronounce.