Orchard Green mining outpost - Lonely Galaxy

My friend and I started a new project where he writes an excerpt and I create the image. Read story below:

Orchard Green
Orchard Green - don't go here. I hopped freighters there before I found out there was a transfer satellite only mere light-seconds away. But as I had to suffer a fifty-hour layover there, here are some notes.

Orchard Green is your average asteroid drilling facility - a handful of excavation modules slapped together with a smattering of space rock wedged between them. It's the kind of place you get sent to when you screw up at a slightly less worse place. Kendrell, the rig supervisor - and author of the station's ironic name - told me Orchard Green suffers from what space rock aficionados like to call, 'TPTMTETD' - basically, 'Too Poor To Maintain, Too Expensive To Dismantle'. Apparently there's a bunch of rigs in this system who yield way too little ore to be profitable, but are too remote for the Company to recall. The fuel costs alone exceed the raw material pr

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Leon tukker asteroidminingstepos

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Leon tukker asteroidmining2small
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Leon tukker ringbase
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