Weekly projects

General / 23 August 2018

Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing great. 

I decided to start a blog on some personal work. In the last couple of months I have been very lucky of having a lot of clients. The only downside of that is that you start missing out on personal work, while personal work was the thing that got me interested in the industry! So I decided to pick it up and to try and share the process. 

After an inspirational event in London called industry workshops I have been inspired to pick up small projects again. So I will try to commit to one project every week. 

The second interesting thing is that I bought an oculus rift a couple of weeks ago. The possibilities are literally endless. You might know that I have been using cinema4D ever since I started out. But since I wanted to use it in a quick way for concepting I was limited to mostly hard surface architecture stuff(which I love of course). I wasn't able to model characters or vehicles or organic things in general. But ever since I bought the rift I've been overwhelmed with the new possibilities. 

So in these weekly projects I will be using Oculus medium, Gravity sketch, Cinema4D, Octane render and photoshop to try and come up with nice ideas. Can't wait to start!