Planet-paint Twitch stream paintings

Hey everyone! These are paintings i made during our stream: Planet paint. You can check it out here every wednesday at 7pm GMT.
Or on artstation of course!

Leon tukker cityrenderimage2

Beyond Human 3 - Week 11

Leon tukker small

Dr Bob's masterpiece - Week 7

Leon tukker cube oasis

The vault - week 6

Leon tukker heartofthedesert done1

Heart of the desert - week 2

Leon tukker desertrigde

Fallen desert academy - week 3

Leon tukker render party1

Planet party - week 1

Leon tukker ice structure

Break out of the ice - week 4

Leon tukker magicstructure

Approaching object X - week 4

Leon tukker starbase1

Airport - Week 6

Leon tukker city0113

Alien city - Week 8

Leon tukker savetheshitoutofit0262

Statue island - Week 8

Leon tukker piratebasespaceas

Spacepirates! - Week 9

Leon tukker cropcirclecityas

Beyond Human - Week 10

Leon tukker pyramid0023 as

Beyond Human 2 - Week 10